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There is a bug in FoxyProxy for Chrome which prevents the Export button from working. But you can work around the bug this way:

1. Install the Storage Area Explorer extension for Chrome.

2. Open FoxyProxy options:

3. Open Chrome Developer Tools:
View->Developer->Developer Tools

4. Select the Storage Explorer Tab in Developer Tools — this is the extension your just installed in step 1.

5. If you are storing settings locally, select the chrome.storage.local tab. Otherwise, if you’re using Google Sync to sync FoxyProxy settings, select the chrome.storage.sync tab. If you’re not sure, select the one that does *not* say “area is empty”

6. Click export->to file

You now have a JSON file with your settings. You can import this to other computers that have FoxyProxy for Chrome using the Import button. If for some reason this does not work, install Storage Area Explorer on the destination Chrome and use it to import the file.

You can not import this into FoxyProxy for Firefox; it uses a different format.

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