Setup for Ubuntu (IPSec using Shrew Soft)

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The Shrew Soft VPN Client is a free IPsec VPN Client for Ubuntu Linux. This product can be used to communicate with Open Source VPN servers (e.g. ipsec-tools).

1. Open the terminal, Install package ike-qtgui
This package provides the connection manager program (Shrew Soft), which allows you to create, manage and use VPN connections.

2. Launch Shrew VPN Client

$ sudo iked

Click the “Add” button to create a new connection.

Step 3. Enter VPN Settings

In the General Tab under Host Name or IP Address, enter your server name. The name of the server should be similar to “”

Make sure that Auto Configuration is set to “ike configuration pull

There is no need to change anything in the “Client” Tab. Leave the defaults as they are.

The same applies to the Name Resolution tab, the default settings will work.


Step 4.

In the “Authentication” tab, select Mutual PSK + XAuth as the Authentication Method and Key Identifier as the Identification Type.


After selecting the Authentication Method and Identification Type, click on the Remote Identity sub-tab and under the Identification Type field, select Any

Next, click on the Credentials sub-tab. Type in foxyproxy in the Pre Shared Key box.

Step 5.

Click on the “Phase 1” Tab and set main as the Exchange Type and set everything else up according to the image below.

Step 6.

Setup the Phase 2 settings this way:

phase2 Click save to save your configuration.


Step 7

To connect to the VPN, double-click on the connection you created above:

Enter your username/password and click the connect button:

To confirm that everything is working, visit and ensure it says a different IP address from what you expect.

Stop a Shrew Soft VPN Connection

You can use two methods to stop your VPN connection: close the Shrew Soft VPN Connect dialog box, or use the disconnect option in the Shrew Soft VPN Connect dialog box.

To use the disconnect option to end your VPN connection:

  1. Maximize the Shrew Soft VPN Connect dialog box.
  2. Click Disconnect.
    Your VPN connection ends.