Manual Setup for Windows 10 (PPTP)

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  1. Click the Network Icon  in the system tray and then press the “Network Settings” option.home
  2. Under Network and Internet settings, click on ‘VPN’ on the left and click the ‘Add VPN Connection’ button.
  3. Enter your VPN details. Make sure of the following:
    1.  VPN Provider is set as ‘Windows Built in’
    2. The connection name can be anything you like.
    3. In the server name or address section, enter the server address sent to you in your welcome email. You can also find this information here.
    4.  Set the VPN type to “Point to Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP)5. Select User name and password under the ‘Type of sign-in info’ and enter your username and password. Click the “Save” button  to save the new VPN connection.
  4. The VPN is now available in the VPN section of your Network and Internet settings. Click on the New VPN to connect to it.
  5. That’s it, you’re connected to the VPN!
  6. Visit this site to confirm that you set everything up correctly.

    To disconnect from the VPN, go to Windows Settings, Select Network and Internet and on the left, click on VPN. You should see a list of VPN connections in your system. Click on the VPN you’re connected to and then click the button that says “Disconnect”

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