Manual Configuration For iOS 9 and 8 (PPTP)

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Your FoxyProxy accounts come with both proxy and VPN service.

These instructions explain how to connect to your account using a method called PPTP VPN. IPSec VPN is the preferred way to connect to your VPN accounts. Only use these instructions if IPSec VPN does not work work for you.

1. Tap on the Settings icon on you iOS device.


2. Tap on General, then scroll down the left pane and tap on VPN.


3. Tap on Add VPN Configuration…


4. Enter the details received from FoxyProxy. Make sure you select PPTP.

Description: Anything you like. For example, FoxyProxy VPN – UK
Server: enter the server name (sometimes called host name) received from FoxyProxy
Account: enter your proxy/VPN username received from FoxyProxy
Password: enter here your proxy/VPN password received from FoxyProxy
Encryption Level: Maximum
Send All Traffic: On (green)

When finished, tap the Save button.

5. You are almost there! To start the VPN connection toggle the VPN selector to ON.

6. After a moment, you will be connected. To disconnect toggle the VPN selector to OFF.


To confirm it’s working, visit and ensure it says a different location and IP address than you expect.