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Here are instructions on how to setup FoxyDNS on MacOS in order to watch BBC iPlayer. For other sites like ITV, Sky, Netflix and Channel 4, please continue using your VPN, GeoShift, or proxy settings.

You MUST turn off your VPN, GeoShift, and proxy settings while watching BBC iplayer (THIS IS EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT YOU ARE USED TO DOING!) You should turn on your VPN, GeoShift, or proxy settings when you want to watch ITV, Channel 4, Sky, and others OR you need the privacy/security of a VPN or proxy server (like at public wifi).

1. Go to System Preferences. You can get to System Preferences by clicking on the Apple logo in the upper left.

Then click the Network icon.

2.  You will see this screen:

If you’re connected via ethernet, click on the Ethernet item in the left sidebar. If you’re connected over Wi-Fi, click on the Wi-Fi item, etc. (connected items will show up with a green dot to the left of their name – this one should be clicked).

(Some mac versions may not have the padlock in step 2, that’s ok).

Click the padlock in the lower-left, after which you are asked to enter username and password of a user that has administrative rights on your computer.

Finally, click the Advanced button.

3. Click the TCP/IP tab then Configure IPv6. Be sure it is off:

If you don’t have off as an option, select link-local only.

4. Click the DNS tab. You will see one or more IP addresses in the left pane. Select each one and click the minus sign under the left pane to remove it. BE SURE TO REMOVE ALL ENTRIES!. If you cannot remove the last entry, that’s ok–just click on it to start typing over it. Or, click the plus sign. In any case, type This must be the ONLY DNS entry listed. Finally, save by clicking the OK button at the bottom.

5. Please REBOOT your computer/device after setting This is required because every modern device caches DNS. Only by rebooting can you clear this cache.

6. On first use, your web browser will be redirected to this login page ( ). After login, your IP address is white listed for use with FoxyDNS:

That’s it — you can now watch BBC



1. If your IP address changes (for example, you use a new WiFi connection), you will be redirected to the page ( ) again to login. This is normal. If you cannot get past the login page for some reason, please be sure you are using the correct username/password. Also be sure to entirely close your browser and restart, and clear your browser’s cache if you continue to get the login page.

2. Your geo-location should NOT say UK. Your read that correctly: when checking your geo-location like at or other sites, it should display your real country, not UK.

3. To watch ITV, Channel 4 or 5, Netflix, Sky, etc: Turn on VPN, GeoShift, or proxy settings. Do not change FoxyDNS. Leave it set to



1. Please be absolutely certain there is only **one** DNS entry on your system: You must be certain that no others are specified. BBC iPlayer will not work if you have more than one DNS server listed.

2. Be sure that IPv6 is OFF (step 3 above)

3. Please clear browser cookies and cache. This is because BBC iPlayer may cache your location in the browser so next time you visit, it will assume you are in the location you were in before. Only by clearing browser cache and cookies can you force it to re-detect you.

4. If all else fails, please reply with the IP address displayed at (it’s after “We don’t recognize you!”)

5. Remember to keep using your VPN/proxy to protect your privacy when using public wifi (although you can’t watch BBC iplayer at the same time the VPN/proxy is turned on)

Turn off FoxyDNS

If your FoxyProxy account expires, FoxyDNS will stop working for you and you won’t be able to navigate the web. You should remove FoxyDNS when that happens. Here are instructions to do that on MacOS.

Follow the instructions above to step 3, but click the minus symbol instead of plus:

Remove the FoxyDNS entry and add a DNS IP address of your choice. For example, is GoogleDNS. Other choices are or

Reboot your computer. After the reboot, FoxyDNS is deactivated.