How to setup Kill Switch on OpenVPN (Windows)

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1- Right click on the network icon > Open Network and Internet Settings

2- Click on Change connection properties > Private

3. Open up Advanced Firewall settings.  You can search for this in the start menu
4. Backup your current firewall settings.  Click on Action > Export Policies.  Pick a location and save the file
5. Action > Restore Default Policy > Yes

6. Click on Windows Defender/Firewall Properties

7. Under Domain Profile, set Inbound and Outbound to Block (like below)



  • If you ever get a firewall popup to add a program, make sure to uncheck “Private networks” and only have “Public networks” checked before clicking Allow access; If you fail to monitor this, the kill switch will be pointless.
  • You can use VISCOSITY instead of OpenVPN as well. It has kill switch feature built in.