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We do not anticipate any disruption in your service during our DNS migration, however if something does go wrong, a simple change to your settings will reconnect you to our services. Simply change your settings to connect to the IP (eg instead of the hostname (eg hostname.getfoxyproxy.org). We do not recommend making this change in your settings unless you do experience problems as this problem would be temporary and will not repeat. In most other cases it is better to connect to our service using the hostname.

What IP Should I use?

We emailed the IP to you when you created your account. It is included in your settings with your hostname and port. You can also find this IP by logging into our Customer Panel.

Where do I put the IP?

Follow our configuration guides just as you did when you set up your service. Where you are asked to enter the host or server replace yourhostname.getfoxyproxy.org with your IP address.

Here is an example of where to put the IP in our FoxyProxy extension for Firefox:

I need more help!

Again, while we don’t anticipate any problems with the migration, we understand how inconvenient it would be for our users if something did go wrong.

If you need help changing your settings, if changing your settings didn’t solve the problem, or if you just have more questions please:

What is DNS, why did this change cause this problem?

What we think of as website addresses, like getfoxyproxy.org or facebook.com, are more like the names we give contacts in our cell phones. It’s easier for humans to remember names, but it’s easier for machines to use numbers. If you open your contacts on your phone and tell it to call Mom, it looks up the phone number associated with that name, and then calls that number. DNS does exactly this for the internet. DNS servers maintain that list of contacts for the internet. Just like when your friend changes their number, you have to update your contacts so that your phone will call the right number. In this case it’s more like getting a new phone, where it doesn’t have the contacts programmed yet. Our number is still the same, but the phone doesn’t have it programmed with our name. By changing your browsers or other software to use the IP address, your computer can just call our servers directly, no need to use a DNS server to look up the number.

Why do you recommend using hostnames instead of IPs?

Now and then something goes wrong and we have to change the IP address on one of our servers. When this happens, we can tell the DNS servers (or the Internet contact list, to continue using the phone analogy) to use our new IP address instead of the old one. If you’re using the IP address, you’re calling the old number directly and you won’t get through. If you are using the hostname, the DNS server will see that we changed our number and direct you to our new number. Hopefully you’ll never notice the change.